A Few Words About cycling


Viskovići is a small hamlet in the municipality of Raša in southeastern Istria, an area of the most beautiful, peaceful nature full of many bays, capes and beaches. This area is known for its hiking and biking trails, as well as some beautiful diving spots.

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For those who like to walk


Running, walking or hiking? Numerous hiking trails in Istria offered countless attractions for you to enjoy. Discover the natural beauty of beautiful green Istria.

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Experience and explore beautiful Istria


In addition to cycling and hiking trails, if you want to explore the wider area of Istria, visit ...

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History and culture


In addition to bike trails, if you want to explore the wider area of Istria, visit Pula or Rovinj, two ancient coastal Roman cities, because both have many historical and cultural sites such as Arena Pula or the church of Sv. Euphemia in Rovinj.

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Unique nature


If you are for a natural landscape, not far from Pula, be sure to get to know the lovely town of Premantura, the southernmost place on the Istrian peninsula, part of the municipality of Medulin with beautiful beaches, uninhabited islands and Cape Kamenjak as one of the most attractive areas of Medulin Riviera. It offers a large number of activities such as walking in untouched nature, cycling, diving and swimming on relaxing beaches ...

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Courage at its peak


For those full of adrenaline, an unavoidable part of Istria is the amusement Glavani Park in the municipality of Barban. It is one of the largest adrenaline parks in Croatia. Definitely crazy fun for the whole family. In addition to containing the largest rope climbing trail, the park also contains an animal kingdom of diverse animals.

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An unreal hidden pearl


If you are looking for a little more natural charm, you will be delighted by the small Istrian town of Kotli, an uninhabited village located in the Istrian municipality of Buzet. A photogenic oasis of peace that offers beautiful idyllic nature with magical waterfalls. The turquoise color of the Istrian river Mirna flows from one pool to another and thus creates perfect natural "showers". Ideal to visit in spring or autumn. nearby there is an Istrian family tavern where you can try traditional Istrian cuisine according to old recipes.

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An unforgettable adrenaline experience


If you are for an unforgettable experience, experience the zip line Pazin Cave, a top natural attraction. Part of the Pazin Cave can be visited and explored by walking along the footpath or for adrenaline lovers experience the magic of the zip line over the Pazin Cave, a natural phenomenon created during the river Pazinčica. Enjoy the fun with a beautiful view of nature and the charms of Pazin.

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An ancient Istrian town


In the northern part of Istria, explore the most attractive medieval town of Motovun located on top of a hill, full of traditional Istrian style. The city walls offer an idyllic view of the landscape through the vineyards, the valley of the river Mirna, Motovun forest. Motovun forest, one of the most famous truffle sites, will delight you with its beauty. Apart from the film festival, this town is also known for its exceptional architecture, walls, gastronomic offer, and biological diversity.

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The smallest city in the world


Hum, a small Istrian village with only 30 inhabitants, known as the smallest town in the world is definitely worth a visit, and the whole town since there are two streets and three rows of houses within the walls.

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The biggest water party


The fun never ends! The perfect trip for the whole family is offered by one of the top five water parks in the world according to Tripadvisor! Hydromassager pool, wave pool, escape hole, bunga hole, crazy hills, family rafting, free fall and many other adventures will delight both children and adults. In addition to fun, relaxation and adrenaline, they also offer a wide gastronomic choice. This water world of entertainment is located in the municipality of Brtonigla (85km from the Villa) near Novigrad.

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Adventure full of adrenaline


To explore this part of Istria in a dynamic, creative, interactive and above all fun way, Istria Adventure, located in Barban, about 20 kilometers from the Villa, will help you. Get to know the Istrian coast, sea, forests, mountains, valleys and its gastronomic delicacies, through new experiences in a quad-kayak-buggy-jet ski adventure. This professional team approaches all your needs individually, and for each group offers separate "tailor made" programs with interesting content for everyone. Also, if you are interested in renting a boat, Istria Adventure is at your service.

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Horseback riding tours


If you want to ride a horse to the sea, and then swim in the sea together with the horse.

Horseback riding

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